Your Domain Name

Having an online presence is a great way to get noticed or attract new customers; it is also a great way for people to find you and know what you do.

Choosing your domain name is also important, the shorter the domain name the quicker and easier it can be typed.

Once people are familiar with your domain name they can type it straight into the url bar, or as many do, bookmark your web site into their browser so they can keep coming back to your site for whatever services you offer.

So it is best that you own your domain name.

Now you’re ready to take the leap and have your own web site.

You have contacted a web design company and they have given you a quote which is within your budget, they offer you a free domain name (, great, they also include hosting on a yearly basis so your web site is on the internet, oh it just gets better.

Your business is doing well, in fact you are doing better than expected and need to update your site. Great, for a small fee your web design company can do this for you. All is right with the world.


You have signed up with a web hosting company, they offer you a web site in the form of a template which you can edit yourself with no web design skills required, super. You also get a Domain name, well come on your paying a monthly fee so it’s expected, hosting is included, it can't get any better than this. 

Again you are doing better than expected and need to update your web site, oh yeah you can do it yourself at any time, Ok so it can get better.

In the two scenarios above, you have it all: Domain name, Hosting, Update facilities, so enjoy your life and read no more!.


What if:

  • Either of the above raise their prices.
  • The service you are receiving is not as you expected.
  • Access to your web site is not always available due to service issues or excessive traffic after all your doing great.

Well you can always take your business elsewhere after all there are lots of Web design and Hosting companies out there.

Yes there are lots of web design companies out there but you do not own your domain name and probably don't own your web site. In order to move your domain name ( to another company there is usually a fee, lots of conversations with the support teams, and waiting time.

ABPMedia suggests if you are going to have a web site to go with your business, you should own or have control of your domain name.

Register your domain name yourself, they start from as little as £2.95 and can be registered for up to 10 years.

This gives you full control over your Domain name which in Actual fact is your Web site.

Most Web Design and Hosting companies, have the facilities to accept external domains and include the features of an internal domain such as Sub domains and Multiple Email addresses. If you own your own Domain then you have control over whether it is reregistered and where you host your web site.

ABPMedia uses and recommends UKREG, they offer the control of your domain name, and you can register as many domains as you wish with custom control for each domain.

So - Register your own domain name if your business means anything to you and your customers.